Thursday 25 October 2012

Vote Early, Vote Often, Vote Lisy-Babe!

She’s cringing over the idea, but a bunch of us have decided that Lisa Egan, aka Lisy-Babe, aka the driving force behind Where’s The Benefit, should really be on this year’s Independent Pink List as one of the 101 most influential LGBT people in Britain.

Lisa is one of us, a wheelie, a spoony, someone whose disabilities brought her career as a stand-up comic to a grinding halt. Not one to let IDS, Lord Fraud and the rest of the bloodsuckers roosting in DWP Towers brand her, or us, as layabouts and scroungers, Lisa has been a major force in campaigning against the cuts in disability benefits and against the demonization of disabled people by the Tory press. Whether it is writing articles for WTB, or pushing herself to her limits to stand up for disabled people at demos and marches, I know that Lisa puts my efforts to shame, and I think that makes a real case for her to be on that list.

If, like me, you think a tireless disability rights activist sounds like the kind of person you want to see taking a place on the Pink List, then you can nominate Lisa here and you need to do it before nominations close on Sunday!

There's a longer piece on the many reasons you should vote for Lisa over at Diary of a Goldfish but all you need to remember is: Vote Early, Vote Often, Vote Lisa Egan!

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